Racial Profiling

Texas Occupations Code 1701.164 specifies that Texas Commission on Law Enforcement collect incident-based data in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.131 – 2.138. Chief administrators of law enforcement agencies that meet the criteria must submit racial profiling reports to their governing body, as well as Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Each agency must file an annual online report by selecting and completing the reporting option that applies to their particular situation. The reporting period for the previous year begins on January 1st and ends March 1st. 

The Reporting options are:

  • Exempt - Agencies that do not routinely make motor vehicle stops should fill out the 1 page online exempt status form. The exempt status report contains agency general public contact information for questions about its racial profiling filing status. Some agencies are not required to file annual reports. A statistical analysis is not required on EXEMPT STATUS.
  • Full Reporting - Agencies that routinely perform traffic stops or motor vehicle stops must file by online report. The online report requires the completion of agency general public contact information and requires completion of both:
    • An online form about the numbers of motor vehicles stops made and
    • uploading a separate PDF comparative analysis document containing a statistical analysis of its motor vehicle stops compared to the gender and ethnic population of the agency's reporting area. The second document must also contain a statement as to if racial profiling complaints were made against the agency and if so, a listing of all racial profiling complaints and the corresponding resolutions.  

The Iowa Colony Police Department utilizes DEL CARMEN Consulting, LLC, an independent third party, to analyze and conduct a comparative analysis of our racial profiling data. This ensures our department maintains compliance with the Texas Racial Profiling Law and the Sandra Bland Act.  

2020 Racial Profiling Report 
2019 Racial Profiling Report
2018 Racial Profiling Report

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