Office of the City Secretary

 City Secretary Kayleen Rosser


Kayleen was appointed by the City Council as the City Secretary in 2017 after serving as the City’s permit clerk.

The City Secretary is the clerk of the City, she serves as a link between the citizens and the City organization. The City Secretary’s office is committed to providing excellent customer service to the public in a timely, professional and efficient manner.


    • Provides all pertinent information for City Council meetings
    • Custodian of all official records of the City, including agendas, minutes, agreements, ordinances, resolutions and contracts.
    • Maintains the City Seal and attests official documents
    • Oversees City elections
    • Provides the public with information in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act
    • Administers the oath of office to new City employees and officials;
    • Publication of legal notices


    Staff Contacts


    City Secretary