Official Statement from Mayor Michael Byrum-Bratsen Regarding Weather Event

***As of 4:00 PM on Friday February 19, we have distributed all the water available. If we are able to obtain more water we will do another distribution.***

As we begin recovery from this devastating winter storm, I want to first and foremost extend my greatest gratitude to the amazing citizens of Iowa Colony who opened their houses up to neighbors, offering power, heat, water, and food. This truly is the spirit of who we are as city. 

Power has been restored to a majority of the city, but there are some still without power. Please reach out and check on your neighbors and share the resources that you have. 

The city's emergency management team has been in constant contact throughout with state and county entities, as well as with CenterPoint. For several days we have been working on obtaining need resources for the city. 

We will be setting up a collection site at City Hall for refuse and building material as residents begin to assess damage and repair. Please bring items other than household garbage to the collection site, do not place at the street. We cannot take hazardous materials or e-waste such as computers and TVs at this time. This will begin Monday afternoon.

We have also obtained bottle water for distribution at City Hall for residents who's homes are without water and for the Magnolia Bend neighborhood that is under a Boil Water Advisory (this is the only such area of the city under such advisory). This is in limited supply, the majority of the county is without potable water. Please only pick up water if you are truly in need of it. Water will be distributed until 5:00 PM on Friday and distribution will resume Monday morning at 8:00 AM. Water can be picked up from the garage side of City Hall along Dubuque Pkwy. 

As we continue forward, know that I am here for you, your council is here for you, and your amazing police, public works, and city administration employees are here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of help. Look out for each other and we will make it through together. 

Mayor Michael Byrum-Bratsen